We’ve been around a long time

The aged care sector has always been dynamic and demanding. This means being not only responsive and flexible –  to changing models of care, financing policies, budgets, and consumer expectations –  but also the first to apply cutting edge technology to stay one step ahead of the curve.

At PulseSync we understand the aged care landscape – its challenges and operational realities. In a nutshell, we are more than proven.

With more than 10 years of experience and a singular focus to enable aged care providers with technology, our people are qualified to share industry best practices, circumvent common pitfalls and mistakes, and most importantly, journey with you to ensure your organisation’s continued success.

Our expertise ranges across industry and technical domains. We are experienced in helping aged care providers tackle productivity bottlenecks, improve clinical care, strengthen governance, and enhance operational insight.

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Industry Expertise

Our domain knowledge includes the following and more:


Clinical Processes & Evidence-Based Improvement

Research and implementation of care processes and pathways, assessment tools, products, and services.

governance expertise

Governance Standards & Compliance

Compilation of operational, performance, and audit data for regulatory purposes, audits, and management reports.

subvention expertise

Subvention, Claims & Reimbursement Management

Automation, computation, and submission of subvention data, claims, and reimbursements, based on business and regulatory requirements.

billing expertise

Billing & Financial Assistance Management

Automated computation based on complex requirements such as service type, government subsidies, private insurance, special discounts, multiple payees, and more.

Technical Expertise

Our technical skills include the following and more:

cloud computing expertise

Cloud Computing

When speed, real-time updates, accessibility, optimisation, and security are your priorities. Cloud infrastructure can also help reduce IT operating costs.

mobility expertise

Mobility Technology

Native iOS and Android app development for mobile and tablets – for flexible, on-the-go aged care provision.

data server expertise

Data Analytics & Warehousing

Aggregate and blend data from multiple sources for useful data, real-time insight, and evidence-based decision making for your organisation.


Interface & Interoperability

Control, manage, and optimise communications between systems. Streamline the exchange and integration of data to improve care outcomes.


Internet of “Healthy” Things (IoT)

Future-ready aged care providers must have a network of “healthy” objects. We provide ecosystem enablement, integration, and connectivity and data management.

health info

Health Informatics & Standards

Our expertise includes HL7, ICD, SNOMED-CT, and Singapore Drug Dictionary (SDD). Data management according to the latest standards turns your data into insights for better decisions.