Vitec Raisoft interRAI Care Assessment Software

interRAI is an evidence-based clinical instrument that assesses the needs (e.g. medical, rehabilitation and support) and abilities (e.g. mobility, self-care) of an older person in various care settings. interRAI outcome scales and Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) can be used to flag clinical issues, improve care planning and delivery of care, and provide a better quality of life.

PulseSync partners with Vitec Raisoft, an interRAI licensed software vendor, since 2010 and has done many implementations in Singapore and Malaysia. Together with IBM, both companies are now working on a large national project.

Aged care administrators and policy makers will find information such as quality indicators (QI), case mix, and resource utilisation groups (RUGs) extremely useful.

We are proud to partner Vitec Raisoft Oy to offer the following interRAI assessment suites:

interrai LTC

interRAI HC

Home Care

interrai LTCF


Long Term Care Facility

interrai CHA

interRAI CHA

Community Health Assessment

interrai CA

interRAI CA

Contact Assessment

heart-1 copy

interRAI PC

Palliative Care

Localised Singapore versions of interRAI assessments are available.

Other assessment suites such as Check Up (CU), Mental Health (MH), Community Mental Health (CMH), Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab), and more, are also available on request.

PulseSync also works with Vitec Raisoft to offer customisation and localisation of assessments, implementation of software, and training services.

To find out more about Vitec Raisoft’s various interRAI assessment suites and/or request for a demo, please contact us at

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