Gym Tonic
Evidence-Based Strength Training Management System

Gym Tonic (“健得力”) is an evidence-based, technology-backed and trainer inspired strength training programme for the seniors to address the age related loss of muscle strength. It offers a safe, hassle-free, sustainable and effective way to help seniors stay strong and healthy. Research has shown that approximately 2 decades worth of age associated loss in strength and muscle mass can be regained within the first couple of months of strength training.

Gym Tonic was jointly launched with Lien Foundation (Funder and Convener) in 2015, is the first of its kind cross-border partnership between research institutions, business enterprises, and service providers.

Gym Tonic is supported by local and overseas Universities and Research Institutions and is, so far, the only known scientific and evidence-based strength training programme in Singapore.

What sets Gym Tonic apart is its singular focus on strength training, a crucial but often overlooked intervention to tackle the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength (and in serious cases, sarcopenia), hence a major approach to preventing disability and frailty in the elderly.

Working hand-in-hand with aspiring Gym Tonic operators, PulseSync seeks to mainstream strength training by equipping, enabling, and training like-minded organisations with IoT*-enabled hydraulic gym machines, measuring equipment, evidence-based assessments, and advanced software to run a structured strength training programme safely and effectively.

The “brain” of Gym Tonic is our state-of-the-art software which integrates all the gym equipment and measuring devices and monitors.

Wong Kim Hoh meets: The man who wants seniors to age fearlessly

See Soo Jin and Pat in action

Each site is equipped with IoT-enabled pneumatic/hydraulic exercise machine, measuring devices, and monitoring equipment.


+ 20-30% muscle strength

Based on evidence, older persons on the Gym Tonic strength training programme show up to 20-30% improvement in their muscle strength. Similar gains are found in physical function (e.g. walking speed), dynamic and static balance, and frailty status.

The Gym Tonic Integrated Strength Training Management System can be integrated with our IngoT Care Management Software, allowing care teams to have a comprehensive overview of the older person’s well-being.


Gym Tonic Explainer Video

Ms Josephine Chee (aged 72) shares about her Gym Tonic experience at Yong-en Active Hub and how she has benefited from the programme.

Gym Tonic @ Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre (Bukit Batok 183)



There are 30 Gym Tonic sites all across Singapore with the goal of expanding to more community sites jointly with Lien Foundation. In parallel, we are open to work with commercial operators to offer Gym Tonic to the commercial/ private market in Singapore.


PulseSync endevaours to democratise Gym Tonic technology and is open to collaborate, partner and/or joint venture with interested parties to expand Gym Tonic internationally.

Gym Tonic has recently landed in New York, Brooklyn and soon China Tianjin. If you are interested to explore possibilities with us, do reach out to us at


Frailty is a global issue and with a rapidly aging population,
Gym Tonic measurably and quantifiably reverses frailty through AI-optimised strength training;
thereby improving mobility, overall well-being and quality of life.