Bespoke Development – Tailored just for you

Although adopting ready-products mean lower cost of ownership and quicker implementation, there are situations when only customised solutions can meet the important nuances of your business needs.

Bespoke development can be a new end-to-end development or additional work to supplement or extend your existing products.

This process will involve journey of discovery, design, development and deployment.

Here are some of our past bespoke works:

Service Matching & Care Coordination System

A proprietary and rule-based system designed for a care coordination agency. This software aims to provide case managers with an objective tool to assess patients in acute care settings, subsequently matching them to appropriate step-down care services.

Besides developing this web-based application, PulseSync was engaged to conduct extensive research and comprehensive situational and scenario sensitivity analysis.


An integrated system encompassing both back-end and mobile application development for a nursing school. The software aims to digitalise the usual pen-and-paper nursing logbook meant to track and record student nurses’ skills practice and proficiency.

With the e-Nursing logbook, supervisors no longer need to meet with students to countersign their attendance. School tutors, clinical supervisors and trainers can also use the back-end system to track students’ progress and identify those who need extra help.

Interface with External Systems: Hospital Appointment System & National Electronic Health Record (NEHR)

These bespoke works were developed as extensions of our flagship IngoT product for nursing homes. The secure interface allows nursing homes to receive their residents’ outpatient clinic appointment information from their partnering hospitals (which are on different systems).

Working with government agencies, interface with the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) was also done for nursing homes to allow them to securely context switch and also seamlessly contribute clinical and episodic data to the NEHR.

These implementations have facilitated coordinated and continuity of care, and thus improved the overall quality of care.

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