Do you thrive on making a difference?

At PulseSync, every person’s voice counts.

Whether you are a junior software developer, seasoned project manager, or administrative support, you will be encouraged to take a stand. What follows is real, honest, and open discussion –  all done in the spirit of learning and shaping the future of aged care.

If you have been seeking this type of candid and empowering culture, then you might have what it takes to be a part of our family!

If a position is not advertised on our website, contact us at We are always on the lookout for driven and talented individuals!

Our Perks & Benefits

We take employees’ welfare seriously.

Beyond the standard perks and benefits offered by most companies, here’s what makes us unique:

  • Rooftop Infinity Pool
    A private pool for building tenants. We love an evening dip and the breathtaking sunset view.
  • In-House Gym
    Following Gym Tonic’s Exercise-As-Medicine philosophy, we walk the talk with our range of IoT-enabled gym machines.
  • Ping Pong Table/ Karaoke System/ Nintendo Games & Many More
    Ping pong is “in” at PulseSync! 😊 Do you have what it takes to beat our reigning champion? Karaoke is another popular pastime here and we have many talented singers. We also take time to play Nintendo games, board games and many other fun stuff here during our FROG, lunch or after office hours.
  • Quarterly Outing
    We work hard and play hard, taking turns to be part of the in-house Recreation and Welfare Committee. Each outing features a new activity. Past outings have included paintball (ouch!), go-kart racing, laser tag, escape room, ATV cross-country riding.
  • “Ageility Care” Benefit
    We are “pro-aged care” in our professional and personal capacities. All employees can enroll their parents for Gym Tonic @ PS Ageility Lab for free. Besides this, we also have a special cash benefit and Time-with-Parents-Leave (TWPL) when employees can take time off to spend quality time with their parents (e.g. celebrating their birthdays). This benefit supports employees to take an active role in keeping their ageing parents healthy and active.
  • Monthly Lunch-In Day
    These catered lunches are a great way to foster closer ties and conversation. Different teams take turns to host the theme and menu.
  • FROG Day
    FROG stands for Fitness, Recreation, Outdoor Activity and Games. This is when we shut down our computers and pack up early for an afternoon of fun and fitness.
  • Overseas Trips
    As much as possible, we like to travel overseas once every two years. These trips aim to be fun and build team spirit, whether through recreational activities or volunteering in the community. To date we had have great time in Malacca, Bangkok, Taipei, Royal Caribbean Cruise (Penang) and soon Hoi-An.
  • Well-Stocked Pantry
    YOLO! All our snacks, fruits, and drinks – both healthy and sinful – will keep you energised throughout the day.
  • Dress-Down & Family Days
    Friday is our dress-down & family day. Staff are encouraged to bring their pets, dogs, cats and babies/toddlers to work (as long as they behave themselves…though occasional screaming and crying are acceptable). We sport casual wear, shorts included (!), so long as we are not meeting clients.

If you share our vision of transforming aged care, join us now!

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