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Pulsesync specializes in offering solutions for the intermediate and long term care sector, inclusively the Aged/Elder Care sector. We offer a range of comprehensive Residential and Home and Community Healthcare IT Solutions for our Customers.

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Inpatient Hospice

Inpatient HospiceOperating an Inpatient Hospice facility can be challenging and demanding. With this in mind, PulseSync Hospice Management System is designed and developed with input from palliative doctors, nurses and administrators from reputable hospices to ensure that the system is comprehensive, user friendly and well thought through.

Broadly, the Inpatient Hospice System (IHS) covers:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Referral Management
  3. ADT (Admission, Discharged & Transfer)
  4. Bed Scheduler & Management
  5. Subsidy & Means Test Management
  6. Patient Accounting/ Billing
  7. Patient Profile
  8. Job Stacks/ Task Management
  9. Electronic Medical Record
  10. Lab & Investigation
  11. Inpatient Medication Record (IMR)/ Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)
  12. Ward Board
  13. Assessments/ Instruments
  14. Care Plan
  15. E-Prescription & Order Entry
  16. Ward Management
  17. Meal Order
  18. Pharmacy & MND
  19. Inventory
  20. Transport Management
  21. Allied Health Management
  22. Psychosocial Management
  23. End of Life/ Advance Care Management
  24. Day Care Management
  25. Mobile Point of Care
  26. Mobile IMR
  27. Bedside Registration
  28. Equipment Loan Management
  29. Audit Trail
  30. User Management
  31. Interface & Integration
  32. Reports & Analytics

To find out more about our Nursing Home (or Aged Care) solution, please contact us if you need further information.