Gym Tonic Integrated Strength Training Management System

Gym Tonic translates the adage “exercise is good for you” into a Safe, Measurable, Automated, Rehabilitative and Targeted (SMART) programme for the elderly.

Using IoT*-enabled gym machines, measuring equipment, evidence-based assessment protocols, and advanced software, Gym Tonic is a comprehensive system and methodology that helps aged care providers offer strength training to the elderly correctly and effectively.
*Internet of Things

This intelligent system provides evidence-based information for each person so that therapists can make informed decisions for faster, more effective results.

The Gym Tonic software allows therapists to create personalised strength training programmes, track client progress, and measure and analyse clients’ improvements at fixed intervals. The data collected are continuously analysed and compared with normative values based on age and gender.

The “brain” of Gym Tonic is our state-of-the-art software which integrates all the gym equipment and measuring devices and monitors.

More than 20 Gym Tonic sites are spread across Singapore, each equipped with IoT-enabled pneumatic exercise machine, measuring devices, and monitoring equipment.

+ 15-20%

Based on evidence, older persons on the Gym Tonic strength training programme show up to 20% improvement in their muscle strength. Similar gains are found in physical function (e.g. walking speed), dynamic and static balance, and frailty status.

The Gym Tonic Integrated Strength Training Management System can be integrated with our IngoT Care Management Software, allowing care teams to have a comprehensive overview of the older person’s well-being.

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