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Pulsesync specializes in offering solutions for the intermediate and long term care sector, inclusively the Aged/Elder Care sector. We offer a range of comprehensive Residential and Home and Community Healthcare IT Solutions for our Customers.

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MobilityIt is imperative that doctors and nurses, especially those running home-bound services, to access information on-the-go using a variety of mobile devices. For many years, Pulsesync has been a leader in the mobile healthcare application and our mobile solutions allow secure access to patient information and workflow tools, irrespective of having a network connection. Being a certified and competent mobile technology provider, Pulsesync has delivered many healthcare mobile systems. Below are some solutions which we have successfully developed/deployed:

  1. Mobile EMR for Home Hospice (offline application running on MS CRM and Windows Mobile platforms)
  2. Mobile Home Nursing Application (offline application running on Windows Mobile platform)
  3. Mobile EMR – for Inpatient Point of Care (online/offline client running on MS CRM platform)
  4. Mobile Nursing Assessment Application (offline application running on both iOS and Windows Mobile platforms)
  5. Mobile Drug Guide Application (running on both iOS and Windows Mobile platforms)
  6. Mobile Attendance System (running on iOS platform)

To demonstrate our breadth of mobile development expertise, we are currently developing Android OS based applications for some of our customers. We are competent with most common mobile OSes including Windows Mobile, Mango, Android, iOS, etc.

Our Security Framework is built on modern and state-of-the-art technology and can offer high-grade security including the following:

  1. Fully encrypted data during transmission
  2. Stored Data is in an encrypted format until viewed
  3. User name and password are required on handhelds to access data (password reset can be controlled via device or server side)
  4. All patient data can be erased when password attempts exceed security allowance (configurable)

Please contact us at if you wish us to implement, or extend Pulsesync’s or third party solutions to the mobile platform.