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Pulsesync specializes in offering solutions for the intermediate and long term care sector, inclusively the Aged/Elder Care sector. We offer a range of comprehensive Residential and Home and Community Healthcare IT Solutions for our Customers.

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Interface & Integration

Interface & IntegrationPulsesync is experience with implementing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or similar Integration Engine to meet both the Internal and external integration needs of healthcare provider today. Our ESB/Integration Engine (which is based on Mirosoft Biztalk Technology) is flexible and extensible enough to support other anticipated integration needs without major revamp of the system. Our ESB/ Integration Engine supports the standard interface and message format required for data interchange such as HL7, XML or Web Services, as well as batch file transfer.

In Singapore, we have successful implemented many interfaces/integration work. Below are some of systems/ sub-systems we have done:

  1. InterBank GIRO
  2. IRAS IPC-Link (for Tax Deductible Donation)
  3. MOH ILTC IS Subvention
  4. AIC Referral System
  5. CPF-Medisave
  6. AXS Payment